About us

contract manufacturing business

We have advanced to be partner and supporter for manufacturing in Asia.

Our manufacturing chain has produced fast and efficiently products of clients and executed reliable and stable services by through manufacturing system and our staff’s control on the factory line.

We organize optimized combination with development, materials suppliers, assembly and logistics from manufacturing chain in China, Taiwan, Korea, Thailand and Philippine, so we has helped business of clients by supplying right products on time with not only rapid and flexible, but also reliable production.

Turn-key manufacturing service

Total service from design to after sales service based on order

  • CustomerCustomer
  • Oganizer( China, Korea )Oganizer( China, Korea )
  • Material planningMaterial planning
    Product EngineeringProduct Engineering
    Production ControllerProduction Controller
    Quality EngineeringQuality Engineering
  • China , Taiwan, Korea, Vietnam, Philippine, Thailand factories

It’s efficient in modern business specialized as speed and flexible management to consign production part to a reliable company to concentrate on R&D and marketing strategically.

In our experience, it’s not easy to find right and reliant factory even if there are some marketplaces have tens of thousands lists of factories, and the marketplaces do not guarantee quality, lead time and A/S.

We appreciate you keep seeing us have been working as a best manufacturing coordinator for you.

Thank you.