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Supply chain

SCM ( Supply chain management ) would be an important axis in modern business to take and reserves opportunity. It take care efficient management solution from production plan, procurement, inventory control for production process to logistics.We share production plan with factories and check materials flow, and has network to make fluent supply from out-doing in factory to in-going at place clients want.

It makes faster movement through combined process in Supply Chain to reduce amount of time as speed is critical in present market and clients look for to be competitive. We’re also sustaining rapid prototyping, efficient communication and process redesign across the organization and collaborating with our supply chain partners to boost the innovation process for everything we create for it.

We don’t think only about manufacturing itself, but think whole business of our clients to support issues required such as consumers, design, process improvement, and even try to see what clients don’t recognized yet and give prime information, so we innovate our system continuously and collaborate with more partners for it.


Our staffs directly check procedure of production from materials in-going to assembly, package and
shipment in factory site.

Our all factories operate complying with ISO 9001 and comply with international environmental standards like ISO 14001 and use Pb-free materials.

Factories are experienced exporting a lot and has CE, FCC, UL.
We haven’t had a simple role for inspection, but tried to advance factories continuously by process upgrade and education of workers, and we have made good relationship with factories as partners and can fast and thoroughly complied with request of clients.


We provide service of hardware and firmware, software designs, case design ( CAD / CAM ).

We requisitely go through definition of product concept to make accurate customized design with communication with clients, and it reduces trial and error in process of hardware design, software/firmware design, case design ( CAD / CAM ) for electronics, telecommunication and electrics products.

Sometimes design can be longer than you expected by wrong works or modifying many times, so it is also important to select best and reliable company have been well organized and have high skilled engineers of long time experience.

Materials of prototype are available of plastics ( ABS, PC, PMMA, and so on ) and metals (Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Magnesium alloy, Brass, and so on )


Our high experienced staffs can be your production manager in production site. Our staffs have roles not only outgoing inspection in final assembly line, but also procurement, inspection for factory system, and even employee’s training, so we protect from any problem in advance and increase quality in factory, and set up productivity advance and process systematization. We also regularly audit our contract factories if they keep on it continuously.

Our inspection policy is as below.

  • On-site inspection by our own staff
  • DIRFT ( Do It Right First Time )
  • Above the level of client request
  • Rapid correction
  • Fast feedback to client